Development Strategy for Northern Kosovo 2015-2020

Strategjia e Zhvillimit për Veriun e Kosovës 2015-2020

Development Strategy for Northern Kosovo 2015-2020

October 2017 | Print |

Through the kind support of the European Union Office in Kosovo, the Kosovo Office of the Regional Environmental Centre (“REC”) for Central and Eastern Europe and RIINVEST Institute developed and implemented a project, titled “North Development - Increasing Competitiveness and Development Capacities of North Kosovo by Providing Sub-grants to Businesses, Improving  their Linkages and Promoting Local Producers”, which covered four municipalities in the north of Kosovo: Zvecan, Leposavic, Zubin Potok and Mitrovica, North of Ibar.

The project’s main objectives were supporting employment creation, business and economic development, and increasing potential and competitiveness of businesses and development agents in North Kosovo, with the purpose of improving future perspective, job security and the living standards of the citizens of that area.

One of the main activities of this project was drafting of a Development Strategy (“the Report”), which was to be built upon participatory engagement from local businesses and local government representatives.

The Development Strategy for Northern Kosovo 2015 – 2020 has been the result of a systematic study undertaken by RIINVEST Institute titled “Economic Potentials in the North of Kosovo”, which was also funded under this project. The process of finalizing the report also included numerous meetings and trainings with local businesses and government representatives, close collaboration with RDA North and a thorough analysis undertaken by REC’s internal and external partners.

This document runs a comprehensive overview of all activities undertaken within the project to acknowledge all its contributors and present an encompassing perspective of the potential and vision for the region as seen and requested from all engaged stakeholders.

The Development  Strategy begins with a summary of findings from the “Economic Potentials in North of Kosovo” report, which identifies the main areas of high growth potential and the respective barriers they face.

Subsequently, the findings of the SWOT analysis, undertaken during a workshop session held on April 30, 2015, in Mitrovica North are presented and further expanded by the drafters of this report. This section consolidates the findings into a TOWS matrix to further focus this exercise.

The participants of the above mentioned workshop created a general vision from the region, and it is this particular vision that this Development Strategy will strive to achieve, whilst also exploring opportunities and solutions to the barriers and challenges ahead. The overall strategy of how to achieve this vision will be presented in Chapter 5, by providing a logical framework and detailed description of the methodology and approach.

The final section of the Development Strategy presents the list of specific projects , a total of 15, which are in the ownership of the citizens of these target municipalities and all interested parties could expand them into full fundable projects.

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