REC Office in Kosovo*


The vision of REC Office Kosovo* is to empower active environmental citizenship to and support environmentally mainstreamed policy making.

The office was established to assist in the development and strengthening of environmental civil society; support the development and enforcement of appropriate environmental policies; and ensure that environmental issues are taken into consideration during the process of transition. REC Office Kosovo* focuses its activities in three main areas:

  • Support to institutions for efficient environmental management: building the capacities of governmental officials, local authorities and environmental CSOs; and promoting good governance practices, transparency and environmental democracy.

  • Provision of information/education for civil society: implementing environmental education and awareness-raising campaigns and disseminating environmental information.

  • Development of sustainable communities: promoting energy efficiency, waste recycling and other sustainable development practices.


  • Environmental policy making

  • Local environmental action planning

  • Civil society development and capacity building

  • Environmental education

  • Water resources management

  • Sustainable development

  • Waste management (waste prevention and recycling)

  • Information dissemination

  • Ecological agriculture

  • Biodiversity conservation